HVAC Control System

You expect strong products with sophisticated engineering, our HVAC components live up to those demands. Our lines feature construction that makes installation simple, options that help users save money and designs that makes a welcome addition to any room.

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Our sensors offer accurate and trustworthy technology that gauge CO2 levels, monitor humidity and temperature, and offer precision monitoring for critical environments and gases.

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Our damper actuators have all the power and flexibility you expect from abroad and ship ready to install, requiring no special programming or tools. Also feature design elements such as standardized wiring that make installation and integration simple.

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Our valves and valve actuators deliver the most comprehensive control solutions in the industry.
We offer the broadest selection of valve bodies - zone, globe, globe flanged, ball and butterfly.

Variable Frequency Drives
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Our SED2 Variable Frequency Drives are Pulse Width Modulated drives loaded with features for
HVAC systems and torque applications such as speed control on fans and pumps.

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Our award-winning thermostat design, plus a variety of energy-saving functions and adaptability options, makes any room look and feel better.

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